Monday, February 18, 2008


fine. I got the iphone, but I'm NOT happy about it (lies..of course I am obsessed)(but still NOT HAPPY!)

The apple store is satan's lair. First off, I went in there all "i am NOT getting the iphone today. I am ONLY getting the nano. that's the plan. i can NOT get an iphone because I absolutely do not need it" ( i really believed this, mind you)

THEN I saw the nano, 4 gigs for $149...buuuutttt then I figured well, why would I pay $149 for 4 gigs, when the classic ipod is only $249 for 80 gigs! right? THAT would have been a waste of money!

And then I was all "well, if I'm GOING to spend $249 on an ipod, then I mean, I may as well, just go ahead and spend the extra $150 for the iphone, because you know, I was gonna get the iphone ANYWAY this summer, so if I get it NOW then it's like getting the phone for $149. And then I was all "the $399 iphone is 8 gigs, so i may as well spend the extra $100 for 16 gigs (double the space. Bargain!) (my dad would call this "funny math")

And then i was all "i better walk around so I can talk myself OUT of this."

And then, just as I was about to just get the ipod, my friend I went with was looking at covers for HER iphone, and I THEN I saw THE CUTEST Paul Frank iphone cover ($30!! for a piece of rubber the size of my dog's paw!) ( I wonder if the 'Michelin' man is all "DAMN! I went the wrong direction!!") I REALLY wanted the cover, and you know, Paul frank didn't just make a classic ipod cover, so that was the beginning of the end. I wanted the cover...and the phone that would fit in it.

Now, what makes apple SO evil, is that IF I wouldlhave stood in line to pay, I probably would have (maybe) been all "no, I'm putting this back. this is CRAZY" But no, As I grabbed the iphone and cover, a random sales person had a portable credit swiper ON HIS BELT and was all " I'll ring that up for you right now. your card?" I was in a nervous frenzy. and I was all "you mean, right here? like I don't have to BE IN LINE??" And before I finished that sentence, he had completed the transaction and put my stuff in a bag. i didn't even see where he got that bag!

I got home and put it on my desk and just looked at it. I wasn't happy or excited, I was more like "how did THAT happen?" (funny, I did the same thing when I brought Mick home)

So this just continues the LONG line of bad decisions I am making this year.

But still....check out this cover!



Let's pray there's not a #3 anytime soon. And let's pray that #3 isn't me blogging "hey! guess what? I got married in Vegas!"


dede said...

i am jealous - i need to go into apple so i can be i-manipulated too!

Carin Davis said...

Is your head still spinning??? The cover is adorable!! I am SURE you will love your phone!!! Just like you love sweet Mick...who is SO big and so cute BTW!