Friday, February 15, 2008


some ass clown stole my Ipod today! I feel so, so lost. And I am SO PISSED because I was planning on buying an iphone in july, when my sprint contract is up, and hopefully when the new 16 gig price goes down. This was THE PLAN.

and NOW what do I do?? I NEED my ipod. my life revolves around that, mostly because how am I supposed to workout without it? I simply can't! How can you expect someone to run on a treadmill without music???


I can't just buy another ipod. Because I want the iphone. I can't just buy an iphone because it isn't THE PLAN. Also, I refuse to pay for two phones. also I can't justify that kind of expense right now.


I am SO SO MAD at the thief! They better not LOOK AT MY DOG PICS!!

Actually, it's more likely that I lost it. But I dunno. it's easier to be angry at a thief, than angry at myself for probably leaving it somewhere. I don't LIKE being oldddddd. WHy couldn't I just have misplaced Mick?!



dede said...

I hope you find it quick - but if you do get the iphone - let me know how you like it - I want one as well! Love the new decorations!!

peewee said... started all this. I was up till midnight. on saturday night. it's like when you worked at candy barrell, and I would go there. long. You are not the best influence!! :)