Wednesday, February 13, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things...

My friend Eve found these for me at anthropologie, and they were THE LAST ones there and they had been returned at that. But I snatched em up because really? THEY.ARE.SO.CUTE.
They're so cute that I keep opening them and looking at them. I don't even want to use them for fear that I won't be able to buy more. I immediately went to their website to see other patterns, but this was the cutest, and they're even on back order. I love making cd's for people, but let me just tell you, that if you ever get a cd from me with these on them? then you will most likely be in my will too.
I hope when I die and go to heaven, it is filled with things like this.

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dede said...

i have never made a cd - so i guess you still need to come and visit so we can share our computer knowledge (or lack thereof)