Monday, February 11, 2008

this is a test. this is only a test of the emergency broadcraft system...

UPDATE: she changed the site to the coolest design ever! and it's MUCH more mean looking!!

i know, you're probably all "waiiiiitt....where am I? did i put in the right URL? looks like a nice, kind, crafty person blogs here...but.but.but....

don't adjust your computer. You're in the right spot. My incredibly talented friend, after many many threatening emails from me, begging, pleading, for her to tell me all she knows, designed my blog. (she cut her losses, and just did it for me, knowing full well it would have taken her the greater part of the summer to explain it all to me)

When i first signed on it was like christmas all over again. my eyes lit up in awe, I hunted around for all the little bells and whistles she added. Then I looked again and realized that her job was TOO good. it looks warm and inviting, like i might be blogging about my plucky kids, or my latest perfect bun recipe (i do have the perfect recipe, i just somehow can't make them weigh less than 3 lbs each) (which is why dede went ahead and just did this for me) or like i might start a knitting circle with my nice, kind, friends. I don't even think i can type swear words on here. heck.

yyyyyahhhh. Now, being that I'm me, and can't just accept her cute blog design, i email her, like the demanding client that i am, and tell her "ummm, i need a wallpaper that looks more, mmmm, how should I say, MEAN. yah...I need a mean looking wallpaper so people aren't duped.

and being the she's her she writes back, not "F*** OFF! YOU UNGRATEFUL, UNTALENTED HACK!" like I would have. No she writes, "i know...i actually looked for a meaner wallpaper, but couldn't find any. maybe you could start a mean wallpaper business!"

she should be the next president. think of how the whitehouse would look!! she would give saddam a haircut, outfit him at The Gap and have him baking buns in the kitchen with mitt romney in matching aprons.

anyway...i hope this wallpaper, while it's up, doesn't make me, gulp, nicer. hurry up and find the mean scrapbook sites dede!


Carin said...

I love it! I did wonder where I was when it pulled up! I had to look again at the address!

Good job girls!

annie gray said...

Love it! (And I thought that Dede might have been culprit!)