Thursday, June 05, 2008

NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!! FOR REAL....why don't they tell us this stuff?

Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Talk about the BEST. HOLIDAY. EVER. (Sorry baby Jesus, maple glazed beats world salvation) I feel like this is the one thing that has been missing my hole life (HA! get it!?) I am making it my new mission in life to MAKE SURE this holiday gets the proper recognition. I will be successful as soon as I see a hallmark card about it.

In the meantime, this gives my utah readers JUST enough time to fed-ex me a dozen from Banbury Cross. Rainbow sprinkle, maple bars and chocolate old fashioned please.

And Since I now OWN THIS I can return the favor when anyone comes to visit! And/or take you to STAN's Donuts, which is NOTHING compared to banbury Cross, but is the best LA has to offer.


LA Piglet (Ash) said...

I've just heard of a new cupcake place, Crumbs. Its apparently open til 11pm. Genius.

abalone said...

has the donut machine ever been out of the box???