Monday, June 02, 2008

working dogs...

Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer says dogs NEED a job. That they are seriously unhappy unless they have a JOB to do, a job where they get to work A LOT.


I am thinking, given the choice, Mick and Maggie would be perfectly HAPPY on welfare, living in a double wide, getting drunk off the snausages they buy with their food stamps, and giggling themselves into a frenzy when they watch dog whisperer, convincing themselves that they DO work, work on creating the next great screenplay. They are ARTISTS. And artists work to CREATE. And how? can they create when they have to have a stupid job. Anyways, they say. they are SMARTER that those Caesar Dogs. Way Smarter. And then it's time for a nap. Because artists need their rest.

Cesar also says dog's energy matches their owners.


CLEARLY he doesn't know EVERYTHING.

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dede said...

makes me want a nap myself - maybe I was their owner in a previous life??