Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not the day to tie the knot in CA...

Today is the first official day that "the gays" in California can get officially married. , This is a huge milestone, and it's all over the news this morning, showing all the city halls flooded with crowds and crowds of gay couples getting married.

Naturally, it's mostly all lesbians rushing the altar. (SO like a woman) And when you see the news coverage, there are lines down the street of these BIG butch lesbians with mohawks, and their tiny brides-to-be.

BUT then, among this parade of biker bitches and rainbow flags and protesters with signs saying "SMILE! SATAN LOVES YOU," was this one little straight couple. All quiet. Keeping a low profile. Poor little straight couple. Boy did THEY choose the wrong day!. Talk about stealing their thunder!


dede said...

that is how my mother in law feels - her birthday is 9/11 - she is still really pissed at the terrorists for ruining her big day!

abalone said...

all these gay people so giddy about being married - clearly they have given no thought to the other side of marriage - divorce!!!