Saturday, June 07, 2008

Put a little smile on your face this morning...

This is THE cutest thing EVER. make sure you watch the video too...PRICELESS.

Maggie, for the record, would NEVER do that. She didn't get the maternal instinct. in fact when I brought Mick home at 6 weeks, he immediately tried to nurse from her, and she not only looked at him like "WTF?" but also kicked him away with her hind legs. repeatedly.

WHole other note...This girl from chicago took my classes in Tulum, she wasn't part of our group, but she was crusty and we all loved her immediately. Well, as a 'thank you' she shipped me a Malnati's chicago pizza! Woohoo! I wasn't THAT excited because I have been to chicago and wasn't crazy about their pizza, and also, how good can a frozen pizza be? However, I immediately put it in the oven and I will say here and now, it was THE BEST PIZZA I have EVER had!! In fact, i may even order a couple more for a treat. I am also planning these for different presents. Seriously, when you don't know what to get someone, GET THESE!! They seem expensive, but I promise they're WORTH it! Trust me. (even though I eat hostess stuff)

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abalone said...

wouldn't a pepperoni/sausage pizza be a great idea for fathers day!!!