Monday, June 09, 2008

Time to get THOSE DOGS in shape!

FINALLY! SOMETHING I WILL ACTUALLY DO I mean I my dogs NEED discipline! and training! and exercise!

It starts June 30, so I better start getting in shape so my own dogs don't out do me in physical fitness, which they SO will. I work THEM out every single morning. A whole hour of hard core running, while I stand there and throw the ball.

I actually went to yoga on saturday. weird huh. I actually DID yoga. There's a new place literally one block away. well, it's not new, I've been passing it everyday on my way to work. But new TO ME. I kept hearing how good it was and my friend called me that morning saying he was going, and as he was telling me that, I was shoving last night's pizza in my mouth. Then I figured, HEY, I better go!

Two things.
#1 the teacher asked everyone if they had any injuries. BIG MISTAKE. DON'T EVER OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS.

YOGA GUY: my hamstring is bothering me.

YOGA GIRL: I hurt my shoulder a few days ago, but it should be okay.

ANNOYING YOGA CHICK FROM HELL: Well, I just lost my job, so I feel stressed and tired. I have interviews next week, which helps, but also makes me feeling nervous this morning too. but I'm also hopeful, because I have worked hard an am TALENTED so I feel the universe has good things in store, but it's just hard because I just don't KNOW what's in store, and THAT's the hard part, you know?

a beat...

AYCFH: I mean, that's what yoga teaches me, so I'm glad I'm here. Sigh. REALLY GLAD I'm here. Because my body just needs to be reassured, and to RELAX and I mean, i even got a massage yesterday, but it's just not the same a yoga, you know? Energetically i just need to MOVE through some stuff.....

I tuned out after that because, she DID go on. Part of me was glad though, because every minute she talked, was one less minute of having to do hard yoga.

#2 IF YOU ARE TEACHING A TWO HOURclass you need to WARN people!! also she chanted.

But it WAS a good hard class, surprisingly. It's just that this studio attracts SO MANY hippie yoga people who want to SHARE their feelings. Like, they're just being cheap moochers, because, people! THAT'S WHAT SHRINKS ARE FOR!!!

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