Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm back. blah.

Well, I suppose the one good thing about being on american soil is that I can now post pics.

oh, and my dogs. there's that.

I'll start with boring pics that everyone takes on their vacations....except mine was a WORKING vacation let's not forget. And then they will get excitingly better!

"HEY! Check out those drunks yoga people on the beach!!"

This is a VERY important picture of the TACO TRUCK!!! I ate about 30 tacos in 24 hours. What? they were little!...and $1, which made it VERY easy to keep ordering. And plus, sometimes we ordered quesadillas, and those don't count.

Stalk-a-razzi 101. It's a start. You can run Kate, but you can't hide.

Told you it would get better!! And if I could have taken a picture of the mexican version of the twinkie, called "tuinky" I would have.

PS. To all the women over 40 who go off on yoga retreats because you want to dress in tight yoga clothes and pretend to be youthful again....

pigtails? no.

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