Tuesday, July 25, 2006

apartment hunt continues...

Today I went to see an "luxury" apt in an "up and coming" neighborhood, "west hollywood adjacent" Now, we knew it wouldn't be so great. the pink building was surrounded by hooptis. Some cars I haven't seen since my "stockton" days. It took the "manager" william, about half an hour to answer the door, and when he did he was twitching and he had a stray eye. he lead us to the alleged apt and opened the door, but the crack family hadn't moved out yet. LaMont and his cornrolls were sitting on the couch watching maury, and our whitey methed out manager said "oh. heh.heh. sorry dude. didn't know you still lived here." Lamont just eyed us up and down. Me, and STARR, and meth head. he was too drugged to protest. he didn't even get up off the couch.

I needn't bother you with the silly details of the apt, only that he informed us that we would indeed need to provide our own fridge. "oh, we neeeeeee-eeever provide the refrigerators man, nope never. tenants have to bring their own. (pause) and then (pause) when you like, move out (pause again) (more pausing....I think he forgot what he was saying)you take your fridge with you! (he said this with excitment, like we would be winning a prize)yep, you just move the fridge in and then you move it back out."

got it. right.


Joe said...

no WONDER you left the East! silly me. if i'd known what great real estate adventures lay in store for you in LA, i would have much more supportive.

peewee said...

whateves...you're OLD