Thursday, July 20, 2006

a few more LA tidbits...

More APARTMENT lies...I mean, descriptions.

"vintage"=Grandma passed away last weekend and we need to cut a profit off her old place since she lived WAY past her living trust so we won't even bother fixing it up or moving out her furniture cuz that would be wasting more of our inheritance.
Hope you like cats!

"cute"=cute as it cutesy doll house miniature feel.

"close to the bus lines!"= automatically means THE PROJECTS cuz no respectable angelino even knows what a bus is. Or how to take one, or why anyone in their right mind would WANT to be near a line.

"5 mins from the airport!"= why?

"AMAZING new bathroom fixtures"=amazing that they are still standing because even though they are NEW, they were bought at the Boy Scout Camping Supply store.

ANd more efficient money tips....

STARBUX...if you WANT a GRANDE Iced Latte. STOP. Order A double espresso over ice in a grande cup...then walk your little self over to the milk section and fill er up! WALA! An Grande Iced Latte and you just saved about a buck forty!

FREE PARKING?...Park in any GYM parking lot that validates for 3 hours or more, they'r usually in GREAT urban areas, and then walk, no run (gotta look sweaty) into said gym with goofy face and go "oops, forgot to validate!" and shrug shoulders as you hand them your ticket.

Keep on savin!

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vanessa said...

dude so mutherscratchin funny...