Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer luvin' had me a bla-ast...

Summers used to be so carefree.

Me. A couch. And a Mr. Microphone. And the 'new' GREASE record.

I would stand on the couch (the very top back part)(the stage) day after day, belting out Olivia Newton John's AND John Travolta's parts. It was my goal to memorize all the words, and all the scenes and then "perfom" the entire movie for my family, who would be SO amazingly impressed at my undiscovered talent that my mom would call my dad and DEMAND I be sent to the "FAME" highschool.

Now I just get depressed because all my fav show are gone and there's not even anything new for Dr. Phil...all re-runs. And the new network stuff? Windfall? yawnnn. (I watch it though)(luke perry!) America's got talent? snore. (if even I can't force myself to watch a show it HAS to be bad) The soccer series game thingy that EVERYONE is obsessed about? (don't even know what it is)(but every single person has asked ME about it. even some random stranger at the coffee place asked me if I knew the score? what? DO i LOOK like I watch soccer when I'm holding an IN TOUCH weekly in my hands??)(wake UP DUDE!)

BUT THEN...I discovered THE HILLS. Anyone watch that? yah, uh, me neither. And no, i am NOT just biding my time until it starts in 29 minutes.

BUT THEN...I discovered MY FAIR BRADY. I almost can't even breath when that show is on. Brady bunch intimacy meets Next Top Model...Who has died and gone to heaven? ME!!!!!!!

AND THEN...there's ENTOURAGE...a no brainer. So good it's painful when it ends.

BUT THE REAL gem....MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN. Watch it now. set your TiVo. A-MAZING.

So this summer has promise after all! what? outdoors you say? travel? play tennis? hike the hollywood hills?

HA! I scoff at all that wasted energy!

THE HILLS is on. G2G.


Granny~Van said...

Taj mahal you're funny, and I never cease to be amazed at our similarities. I HAD to put down my US weekly to scroll down. You make me wish I had cable girl. Can't wait for the weekend, then I can watch your dvr of The Hill!

I'm coming girl!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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