Friday, July 21, 2006

I am sitting in Starbucks as we speak. It has just cracked past 8 AM and 75 Degrees here in Sunny LA and I am just sitting here minding my own bidness when I look up and the line is winding all around the store and actually out the door. This isn't even a GOOD starbucks (really, they should hire me as a secret critic)(I could publish annual manuals)(hey! I'm a rhymer!)

where was I? oh yah..line out the door, people clamoring and chatting about in ther "armani" casuals(except this being Pasadena, they bought them at ROSS) rolling their eyes at each other in mutual disgust for having to line up like cattle for their morning feed, but chuckling amicably because "oh well, we wouldn't have it any other way! what can ya do?" and in this little eye contact exchange we are all here, bonding, sharing. Starbucks is the new "meeting at the water well." In lieu of buckets we have travel mugs. We meet, fill up, elbow each other at the milk stand (ummm, are you DONE with the skim yet???) chat, fight, gossip.

Just a little morning observation, on my way to teach yoga.

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