Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thank you BRAVO, THANK YOU!!

Bravo, you had me at "showdog moms and dads." And just when I thought it might be over between us, when "the real housewives of orange county" ended and you tried to pretend that "Top Chef" could fill the void. No one believed it. So what a surprise when you gave us Stephen...and Tiffany! "I'm not your Bitch, BITCH!" will forever live in our hearts.

And then (oh thank you sweet Jesus!)in the nick of time when the heavy summer july depression hit hard, and "My Fair Brady" was about to end, you surprised us once again with, what may be the best season yet of "Project Runway 3"(I shed a tear of gratitude as I type) It started off a little "yah yah, seen it."

And then.

And then...there was MALAN. Dear sweet boy MALAN! When he showed his mummy his sketches that he drew at a wee 6 years old she THREW them on the floor and screamed "RUBBISH!" I know he only graced our screens for a brief moment, but oh, those were powerful moments. I literally got teary when he was kicked off and he said (read in british accent)"I thought I was paht of something. I've nevuh really had many friends, and I really enjoyed my time with these friends, I just thought it would be, you know, a little longah, I had hoped really"

PLEASE BRAVO, PLEASE give him his own show. It doesn't matter WHAT he does. He can just sit on camera and talk. And then, I will NEVER denounce you again. NEVER! I will promise to keep the faith and I won't even THINK of watching The Apprentice again. I'd even give up ANTM...for a season. I endured Santino way way WAY past his prime, so please, for the greater good, Let's see him in the fall line-up.


your number one fan

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