Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I wonder if I could trade Mick and Maggie in for one of these Are they cute or what? I have ALWAYS had a propensity for furry little creatures. I had hamsters from the age of 12 to like, 22! I'd probably STILL have them if it were socially acceptable. but YAY! not only are the mini hedgehog's acceptable...but stylish too! I don't know how I went from hand held furry animals to destructive giant ones, musta been that period when I wasn't on medication. If only my animals would run on a wheel for 8 miles!
if only.

My dad also sent me this this's really cool. And also just goes to show that my "talent" for wasting away my life on the internet is CLEARLY inherited.


dede said...

you don't know how you went from hand held furry animals... HELLO - do you not remember your (ok maybe our) demon like creatures that feasted upon each other - that my friend is why you now have dogs - although the hedgehog is cute!

peewee said...

i was TRYIng to forget the little carnivore about when my female hamster escaped pregnant and when we found her she wasn't. !! or worse yet...when I put the cage of hamsters outside and the next morning they were ALL GONE, shavings prints all over the glass. sigh, good thing i never got pregnant in my early twenties!!