Sunday, April 27, 2008

saturday night feva...

It has been SO hot here this weekend. I don't do well in heat. anything over 80 makes me cranky (okay, cranki-ER)...90 makes me insane, over 100? don't call me.

First off, when it's crazy hot in the morning, I feel ANGRY that I don't want coffee. Because I WANT coffee, but then it's too hot! I won't drink Iced in the AM so then I am just angry all day over this injustice.

Last night it was so hot that I couldn't be in any part of the house except my bedroom (only place there's an AC) so I finished reading THIS BOOK and it made me cry about 5 times. Then with nothing else to do I decided I needed to take charge of my life so I went to (I'm feeling a little pressure here because my YOUNGEST BROTHER has decided to get married. such a betrayal! and my dad kindky referred to me as 'the spinster sister)

Now, I didn't sign up or anything, but I did fill out compatibility stuff. I must say it was kinda confusing. and lame. I mean, you had to check certain categories, like under "what interests you?" they had "shopping/antiques" all in one. I didn't know if I should check it. I mean LOVE shopping, HATE HATE HATE antiques. I mean what the hell? how did those TWO VERY SEPARATE THINGS end up as ONE category? That's like "shopping/power tools" Shopping is shopping....there is no /slash!

THIS is what I got matched with. slim pickins.



I think Old_Timey_fellow needs a little snuggle.


And dBeezKneez? well, I just can't. I'm sorry, but thinking of a MAN who gives HIMSELF those names? I can only cringe at what our children's names would be, I can only GUESS that he's sitting at his desk AT HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE, where he LIVES, Aksing her help him with his profile.

The depressing thing about the whole compatibility match is that it makes me feel insecure... because what part of my questionnaire MATCHED ME WITH CARBUFFFRANK!?!?!?

I went through all the guys, got frustrated and then searched THIS website...MUCH less depressing, and I matched with at least TWENTY of em!

I mean, come on! how cute is arthur?!?!

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dede said...

first off - how can you not like antiques??? I am completely shocked!! I say go for old timey fellow - you want a guy you can mold anyways!