Saturday, April 26, 2008

When Shopping is NO fun...

I don't know why this is, but spending vast sums of money on necessities REALLY BUGS me. I went to the grove today, and normally for me, the grove is like a trip to disneyland to a 4 year old. But today, I had to get stuff like underwear (not the fun frilly kind) and tee-shirts and running shoes (THOSE were actually fun to buy) and socks. Bleckkk. And it was SO EXPENSIVE to get those stupid basics. It made me depressed.

SO depressed that I needed a few treats.


and THIS

and THIS

anyhoo, now I just have to lose enough weight to look good in all of it (except that bag...bags looks GREAT on me!!)

sigh. I guess this will all go well with those webkinz I also bought. I suppose for me, this week would be called a "binge" of sorts. But hey! at least I have new socks!


Carin said...

can I come shopping with you!?!?!? the first dress is my FAVORITE!!! i LOVE it!

peewee said...

i know! I LOVE that dress! and's high time for you and dede to have a girls weekend and come visit me!!!

Ashley Pittman said...

what are you doing with all those webkinz? im kind of obsessed with them too...then my mom reminded me of my beanie baby obsession where i would drive to all kinds of podunk towns to just get the newest coolest beanie baby. then i forgot about them and eventually gave a garbage bag full to the housekeeper's kid.
real smart.
claire's daughter is obsessed with them if u ever want to part with them.