Friday, April 25, 2008

Jesus is turning over in his, er, bed.

I will be SERIOUSLY PISSED if whoever created THIS ends up on Oprah's couch because he/she made millions off their cute little "idea" while being stoned one night in college and WHO KNEW? it would be SUCH A HUGE SUCCESS?!?!?

But, God Bless the poor souls who actually buy any of it.

Besides, who needs to BUY a spot in Hell when we already have Ebay right here on earth?

Also, Why is Heaven always described as having "PEARLY GATES" because if I am going to go to any effort of being "good" on this earth, I want a sparkly diamond gate, with a lit nordstrom sign above it and a blinking light that says "FREE SHOES and CUPCAKES"

1 comment:

dede said...

i don't know - that all access kits sounds pretty tempting!