Thursday, April 17, 2008

horror story

"when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, then find someone whose life has given them vodka and have a party"

On oprah today she challenged 2 families to go ONE WEEK without computers, ipods, cell phones AND TV!! I made SURE to tivo it!! It was like worse than watching freddy kruger. I sat there all "ummm, NEVER" but then there was that little voice, that voice that I have shoved far far in the back of my brain, that said "you should do it. just one week." and then the normal part of my brain was all "NOOOO...just WATCH Oprah....don't EMULATE! IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE" And then i got all judgemental and was all "oh YAH oprah! you're REALLY one to talk!"

I don't know if I could DO that. I mean, when I go to yoga retreats, I do that, but at home? uh-uh. I mean I would go CRAZY. My dogs would sue me on Judge Judy for creating a hostile work environment, Oh, and also? they weren't allowed to do ANY shopping. not even starbucks or grocery. I broke out in a nervous sweat.

The problem I feel challenged. Like I HAVE to do it. just out of pure curiosity. The mere THOUGHT of actually doing it is like the THOUGHT of starting a my brain goes to auto-reply "sure. you can DO IT....tomorrow. or next week" and then "noooo, next week is the premier of LOST, so summer! summer's good...reruns."

I need to stop all this crazy talk. Stupid oprah, who by the way was wearing Louboutins on the show she was talking about "america's excessive spending" just an observation.

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dede said...

stay strong - don't listen to Oprah - so you think you can dance is just about to start - besides you would just tivo everything and then have twice as much tv to watch the next week, and twice as much blogging, etc (at least I would)