Thursday, April 10, 2008

just a few noteworthy things...

FIrst off, yesterday, my friend decided on her blog (go to her blog and read my entry, truly THE BEST) to challenge her readers to find words with the ending "MENT" in them. Well, stuff like THAT make me crazy obsessive/competitive. (I always got A's in english class)(except in college) That's why I write children's books...I am ALWAYS rhyming stupid things. So ALLLLLL day, I was thinking of MORE words that had "MENT" at the end. Everything I read, I looked for MENT. It was exhausting!

Second, wayyyyyy back in the 70's haagen dazs used to have a flavor called HONEY was SOOOOO good. and then it just went away. Well, it's BACK!!! It's called honey bee vanilla...but it's the same. YAY!

Also, if you have a RALPH'S grocery store near you, then GO...they are having a CRAZY good sale! If you buy 10 sale items, ANY 10 sale items, you get $5 off your bill, right then and there. and you can get up 30 sale items in one go. So let me break this down for you. Let's SAY you buy goldfish crackers, and they are on sale for $1 each, so if you buy 10, you get $5 off! which makes them .50 cents!! ( I REALLLY wish I remotely liked those, cuz I almost just wanted to buy them for guests with kids, or something)(also you can mix and match the items! brilliant!)

I got 10 cake mixes for .50 each!! and they were betty crocker! (for, you know, all those times I make cakes) and I got 10 mini haagen dazs ice creams for .50 each!! (so what if they weren't the good flavors...they'll go well with all my cakes!)

I gotta say, they are SMART. I went in for toilet paper, and ONLY toilet paper....$65 later, I walked out with BAGS of stuff I would NEVER need and normally never buy. but it WAS SO CHEAP!!

oh yah, and cottonelle TP was $1 and kraft mac n cheese was .60 cents! I don't even EAT mac n cheese anymore....but I did tonight!

I can't believe I just wrote 4 paragraphs about Ralph's groceries. at any should go. Oh, and if you need any goldfish crackers? I will TOTALLY buy them for you!

I'll have to explain all this to jake-the-trainer when I have gained 10 lbs next week.

ALSO I lost 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks from having that deadly bird flu thing that I got from the mean streets of NY. But WHATEVER! yay sickness diet!

Also, AUGUST RUSH is like, the BEST MOVIE EVER. I even bought the soundtrack it was so good.

ALSO, My new car is a "hybrid" That is in quotes, because I'm not sure WHAT KIND of hybrid it is, like gas and....gas? I get about 4 miles more per gallon than my last car. hmmph. Boy, I'm really uh, reducing my carbon footprint there. GO GREEN!...ish. My justification for spending $14,000 MORE for the hybrid versus the regular version was ALL THE MONEY I would save on GAS! Well, good thing ralph's had that sale, cuz that's all I'm gonna be saving this year. I'm gonna have to LIVE on mac n cheese and cake mix....hmmmm.....not SUCH a bad thing.

I think that's all. Hope you don't spend YOUR day obsessing about MENT endings.


dede said...

so you won the MENT contest - but you also made it so no one else would comment - they couldn't compete (36 - wow)! Ralphs and Smiths must be the same because we are having the same sale and lucky for me - goldfish are Chases favorite (of course I haven't made it there yet - but if I do - and if their are any left - lucky for me!) You will feel better about your gas mileage if you take a long trip on the highway - you better come visit!

carin davis said...

i am a HUGE August Rush fan. I saw it in the theater with Ellie by my side. At the end I turned to her...she was crying! She is only 6...but so sweet...and playing guitar! I loved the movie even more after that! I need to buy the soundtrack!