Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not the boy in the bubble.

I can't believe THIS made news. Not just News, but an actual protest. This is all over a guy, who wants to make the world's biggest bubble...surrounding....AN ELEPHANT.

First of all....BOR-ING. But what's even lamer is that there is a bubble "festival" at the science center. Bubble.festival.at.the.science.center.

WHY SCIENCE? I mean, are there REALLY not enough fascinating discoveries to exhibit?

But seriously, ELEPHANTS ARE SO CUTE! I want one! I would bring it home and call it Clarence Percival. Maggie would be unhappy if I loved my elephant more than her. Her official name is Magnolia Jane Butter. She's actually total yellow-trash. She came from a backwoods breeder in Missouri and her mom's name was "QUEEN PRINCESS CORN POP" But I spruced her up, taught her manners and etiquette, until she became the prettiest most popular girl in the dog park. We don't discuss her "roots" But she'll be ready for pageants soon. very soon.

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dede said...

good idea - keep working on maggie - bob barker can host the pagent when he is done protesting "bubble artists"