Friday, April 04, 2008

sorry to all my fans...

I just wanted to apologize to all my fans and readers (dede) (and dad) for not blogging lately. I have been...

a. sick

b. overwhelmed with not knowing how to actually operate my new car (which was REALLY embarrassing yesterday when I was driving with my friend, showing off all the electronic stuff and she said "it's hot in you even know how to turn on the air?" and I was all "YAH! duh! of course I do!" a pause. more pausing. "it's just SO nice out....let's just roll down the windows!"

c. I have had  3 issues of US weekly to get through from when I was in NY and wasn't here to get my new delivered subscriptions!!

d. Part of why I spent the greater portion of what could have been the adoption fees for a chinese baby, on a CAR, is that WITH purchase of your new shiny car, comes the Lexus waitng room where they have brand new hammacher schlemmer massage chairs, every single daily paper, WiFi, a cappuccino machine WITH flavors like chocolate and vanilla, every single magazine on a spinning rack, for your convenience, a popcorn machine like in the movies popping fresh buttery popcorn ALL.DAY.LONG, a soda machine, a plate of fresh muffins and pastries, a fridge filled with bottled water...all for FREE. (with purchase) I'm basically considering getting a condo next door. In fact, while I was waiting there for the financing to go through, I was calculating all the money I would save on coffees and stuff just by coming here every week. I was mentally going over all the friends I would invite down on saturday mornings, etc.  I have been there A LOT.

e. I've been trying to get Mick into a routine so he doesn't drive me insane. it hasn't worked.  So normally when I would be blogging, I have been walking him lots, playing with him, etc. Like, right now he is on the couch burying his face under the cushions to get at any crumbs or loose change that might be there. this morning he found a dime in there and you would have thought it was the greatest treat on the planet. And since he found the dime, I came home and every cushion was pulled off the couch. Yet, he still thinks he maybe missed a quarter or two. He's a smart dog, that one. 

f. Because I've been sick I haven't had coffee, and that means my mind gets VERY sluggish. All I can really process is The People's Court. 

That's it. See? I don't even have good excuses like "oh, I have been working SO MUCH" or "I am just sooo jet lagged from the 7 times zones I just went through!" I haven't even unpacked from NY yet. I keep stubbing my toe on my suitcase that I put in the middle of the floor to inspired me to unpack. 

anyhoo...I'm back. I'll write more from my massage chair tomorrow morning.


dede said...

welcome back - yea!!!

abalone said...

b. this is precisely why lexus does not even try to sell cars in poland!!!