Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday in the heat...

it is so insanely hot for april...99 degrees! So I am holed up inside and just watched a LIFETIME ORIGINAL MOVIE.

Yah. it's THAT bad.

BUT in my starred Dermott Mulrooney!!!! and Gretchen Mol....two of my favorites. SO I was all "it can't be THAT bad"...and also it was a movie about a book i always wanted to read, THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER.


I mean, it's a lifetime movie, which equals huge budget cuts and some people smoking pot on the job, hence the brand new front loading washer/dryer in a 1982.

But I just finished it and I was BAWLING at the end. And it wasn't even about dogs.

So, set your tivo cuz it's GOOD. I'm still crying.

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