Friday, April 18, 2008

wee me

Now, I spent A LOT of time designing my cartoon self. I guess this is the very thing oprah would call "wasting time"

but she's cute, no?

And so I then decided to make a wee boyfriend too. his name is Jean Marc De Lessep and he's from Paris and likes Maggie best. We get starbucks together every morning and he brings me flowers DAILY. He wears SUPER cute jeans, but is totally NOT gay, just european. he wears Armani suits to work. We split our time between paris and New York.

now YOU can try it too!

Stay posted for our wee baby announcement.

oh and, Ben & Jerry just released cake batter ice cream with chocolate frosting swirl. just so you know.


dede said...

love it - is your hair really that dark?? jean is adorable - can't wait to meet him!

abalone said...

does this mean we have to settle for cartoon grandchildren???

peewee said...

yes...and they're CHEAPER than regular don't complain!