Wednesday, April 23, 2008

web kinz binge

It's official. I am LAME.

I spent the greater part of the day bidding on and winning webkinz. Never heard of em? me either. Until My niece told me that's what she wanted for her birthday. So I bought some on amazon a month ago. And then Yesterday she was telling me about " Lil Kinz"....a mini version.

So, Curiosity got the best of me and I just went to SEE on ebay what Lil kinz looked like. The I saw how "cheap" they were, and I was all "I'll bid on a couple, for Annie, for like, christmas or 4th of july or something"

It is now 10pm Pacific standard time. $200 and 23 Webkinz "won" later. And 5 more in bid status.

I don't know what mental disorder this is, but I am SURE it came from my mother.


Ashley Pittman said...

i am laughing so hard

dede said...

i like watches and arbor day is this friday!!