Thursday, May 29, 2008

no hablo mexican computeros

It is very very VERY hard for me to navigate my blog here when ALL the words are in mexican. It took me 3 clicks just to figure out how to sign on. It didn't do that the other day. I guess my computer has defected to mexico and I don't know it yet. He's all "mi nuevo nombre es 'Juan Mac de guadalupe."

I can't even figure out how to upload pictures. Muy weird.

Kate Bosworth left. Guess she couldn't handle the place. She and her 'model' boyfriend who isn't NEARLY as cute as Orlando, cute out 2 days early. They were supposed to stay until today. They were fighting. I smell a breakup. You heard it here first folks, you heard it here first!


Carin said...

now THAT is why i visit here daily-
"to hear it first!"

btw...nice to meet you Juan Mac de Guadalupe!

you need me there to be your translator and photographer! why am in not on the beach right now!?

feliz viernes!!!!

peewee said...

don't worry Carin, i already had that in mind. Keep Jan 31 on your calendar :)

dede said...

that is around my birthday - can I come too?