Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you there God? It's me, PeeWee.

I'm in one of those times of turmoil when I can't make any decisions. So my days have been FILLED with many many THINGS that require my attention. Except My attention is off on vacation somewhere, probably Paris. Some schools would call this A.D.D. I, however, prefer the term, 'late onset teen angst.' It's a medical term.

I decided to go back to NYC for a few months (yippeee!!!) But since making that decision, I have been suddenly overwhelmed with THINGS TO DO. I am NOT GOOD WITH COMMITMENT. As soon as I told the NY division of my job that I would be teaching 15 classes a week in NY I felt a panic!

And hid in bed for 2 days. Making Lists. Of things I MUST DO. Lots of lists. I made a list on my laptop. A list in my notebook I carry around. A list on my iphone. of things. TO DO. And I've been staring at my vast lists going "OHMYGODTHATSSOMUCHTODO---PEOPLE'SCOURTISONYAY!"

Even last night I came home and was like, Okay, I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING ON MY LIST. after i watch lost. and law and order. and idol.  And then Lost was a repeat, so of COURSE I scrolled around for something ELSE to watch. And then decided to go to the store because I saw that stupid commercial for Reeses easter eggs where the chocolate bunny meets the peanut butter jar and then you see all these peanut butter eggs (which is genius by the way and TOTALLY makes you want those damn eggs) needed half 'n half for my morning coffee. Because it was on the list. And toilet paper. 

I'm sure you can guess what I didn't come home with.  I did however get the reese's easter eggs, cadbury eggs (they were next to can you NOT?) and half 'n half. So I had to 'wipe' this morning with paper towel pieces. But my coffee is perfection! 

Where was I? oh yah, back to how I can't get anything done. See? I can't even follow the blog topic at hand. 

hey...there was JUST a commercial for Olive garden on, and they were all "at our olive garden chef training school in Tuscany...." RIGHT! First off..."olive garden chef boyardee training school?" HAHAHHA. TUSCANY?  Tuscany, Texas? Tuscany, Michigan? 

Where was I? Oh yah, I have all this STUFF to do to get to NY. And then where do I stop on the drive there? (besides Vegas..HI RYCHELLE!) and then do I fly out there first with my friends? Or get as much work done here as possible. DO I drive alone with my showtunes blasting? or coerce invite a friend to go? But isn't that SO boring? Stuff to pack,  find housing, driving there....AHHH! 

I'd WAY rather blog about it all. Ooh....Now I can check off "BLOG TODAY"

YAY! look at me gettin' stuff done!


Kristina P. said...

That's so exciting! What will you be doing there?

abalone said...

sounds more like early onset of middle age angst...

Annie Miller said...

Amen sista! Feel your pain. If I was a superhero, I'd be Distracta Girl. It's just the way I roll. I have been packing for three weeks and still not half way because of "distractions" which usually means blogging and facaebook, occasionally a kid of mine needs some attention. Good luck!

Meg said...

Seriously? NYC? Cool! You're always welcome to stop in Raleigh if you need to.

Personally, I find waiting until the very last possible minute to get everything done the best way to go.

forever folding laundry said...

What an adventure! And, wow - you're driving?? That, my friend, is bound to be filled with many bloggable moments.


peewee said...

yah too! KP...Am teaching Yoga and overall just hanging out. Well, that's what I tell MOST people. I'm actually going for the Bagels and pizza.

for real.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

My to do lists go on for an eternity. And then I lose them. I totally understand where you're coming from. ;o)

rychelle said...

i would totally move someplace for the food alone. i plan trips around food on a regular basis.

speaking of trips and food....what are you doing for lunch on sunday? i think i'm going to be in your neck of the woods (universal city. that's near you, right?)

peewee said...

WHAT?!?!? RYCHELLE!!! WE'RE SO having lunch! I'll bring the reeses eggs! AND WHY THE HELL DO YOU GET TO TRAVEL SO MUCH??

Kathy B! said...

Sounds more like early onset of a nervous breakdown!

I say, ignore the list until you've reached crisis stage. Step back. Unleash yourself. YOu'll be like a little tasmanian devil and plow through the list. That's my personal approach, and it works ridiculously well.

Procrastinators of the world...UNITE!

Counselormama said...

I am beyond jealous! I would love to live in NY for a few months, are you going to be in Manhattan? I will live vicariously through you. Also, I know having a long list of things to do is overwhelming,but that too, shall pass! Oh on a side note, I totally loved Judy Blume, she rocks!

dede said...

I know how you feel - I (the expert of drive-thru windows) went to Taco Bell yesterday - left my window up - NEVER ORDERED - waited in line - got to the window - handed the guy some money - he looked at me like I was crazy - I think I might have to agree (then I just drove off and went to another drive-thru)!

If the 26th is too much, you should make my house one of your stops (I will make you rice crispy treats)!

the letters i wish i'd written said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you consumed the eggs right before you wrote this? Hilarious!

CynthiaK said... you've got me thinking about those eggs, dammit.

OK, why have I not found you before? Anyone that has Pee Wee Herman's photo on their blog has my full attention.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This post made me sad. You're leaving CA? I know that it is only temporary, but I had such high hopes that if you did ever move, it would be closer to No California. I know we have that weird hippee thing going on up here, but NY is so very far away.

Is it because I don't comment enough? I'll do better, I swear. I have one more week left of school and than nothing will keep me from being the first commenter on each and every post you write.

Do they even have internet there?