Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh no he di'int

If I hear ONE MORE white person, on television or otherwise say "oh no you di'int" I am going to LOSE MY SHIT. 

Sorry for all the swearing lately. My friend, in one of those "25 random things" essay said that she hates when people swear becuase "there are so many other creative ways to express yourself"

Ummm, yah. OH NO SHE DI'INT! because saying That is SO freakin' cool and she is the B word! What a witch! and oh my HECK (that is not to say OMH is lame or's just not CREATIVE **read that with Homer simpson voice** and a shout out to my UTE friends..HOLLA!) and Gosh Dangit! SO, SO, edified.

Well, back to MOI (french is still goin' strong!) I am right this second sitting next to the big AC-TOR. Do you know he has a WEBSITE?? I mean, they all do. The Day Player actors. You know the ones...Cowboy #4, Man on Street #67. And on said website he has like every clip of every role in the history of all his roles. YES, That is FASCINATING. I cant WAIT to see those CLIPS. Is there a more self-obsessed profession? (yoga teachers!) (oh NO I di'int) K, but one funny one is the TWIX commercial he did...HAHAHHA...CHEESY!

Well anyway, I just got home and the TV was on (he doesn't watch TV...cuz he's too CREATIVE **homer voice**) And I was all "bree?" and lo and behold HE was watching it! GASP. So I was all "soooo YOU'RE WATCHING TV!?!?!??!" all jokey jokey like (but not really) and he was all serious..."I'm watching a MOVIE"

uh huh. Didn't you guys know that a MOVIE is sooooo way much more creative than a TV SHOW?

I just rolled my eyes, grabbed my laptop and proceeded to write this blog. HA! SUCKER! take THAT!

And REALLY?? You can BE on a stupid unheard of TV show, A TWIX commercial nonetheless and be all high and mighty about NOT watching TV? I personally think he's bitter. If he had his OWN TV show I bet he'd sure as hell be touting the benefits if TV! He's not even BEEN in a lifetime original movie. LOSER!

This is my friday night in LA folks. Jealous much?

...erm. Wednesday. YAH! That's totally what I meant WEDNESDAY. Because I am WAY not so old that I thought it was friday. pff. for sure!


Megan said...

LOL He sounds like a winner!

dede said...

that was you WED night in La - how come you aren't watching AI?

I hate it when movie/tv stars say they don't watch tv - like they are too good to do the thing that makes them too good - whatever (and OMH)!

peewee said...

HEY Dede! HOW SCARY! I totally thought it was friday night!!! HAHAHAH! I wasn't watching IDOL because SOMEONE was watching a MOVIE. (I didn't get home until 10...and the Tivo is on the main TV and since mister high and mighty doesn't have a TV in HIS ROOM like a normal person, he was hogging MINE) sigh, I guess we all have our cross to bear!

Debbie said...

You bet I'm jealous! Who wouldn't be?

Kathy B! said...

I'll take LA over North Carolina any day of the week... I'm dyin' out here.

Kristina P. said...

The link to his fancy website doesn't work for some reason.

I really hope he was watching a super high brow movie, like Knocked Up.

peewee said...

THANKS are the best blog vigilante EVER!!
ANd YES, he was watching the practically R rated, scorsese ironic thought provoker..RATATOUILLE.

Carin said...

It wouldn't matter how down I might be feeling...I can show up here...smiling and laughing in minutes! That is one reason I stop by several times a day!

rychelle said...


what the frack?!? ;)

Chaka said...

I'm sure there is a hierarchy for an actor's status. Just wait and see how the attitude grows as he moves up the scale.

Infomercial audience member
Infomerical host
Low budget studio movies
Real movie extra
Real movie suporting role
Big movie star