Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Phat Tuesday

I did NOT sleep last night. I went to bed at 1 AM!! And THEN woke up at 4!!

I NEVER stay awake until 1. I didn't even make it until midnight New Years Eve! I dozed off and THEN woke up at 5 till the ball dropped.

I think I was all riled up by that stupid bachelor Jason and his stupid skank ho Molly . That ONE episode set us women back about 40 yrs! (or, a lot of years anyway!) This isn't even my point, but it had to be said!

SO, I took the dogs out this morning at 5:30 and then came home did coffee/internet/news and then went right back to bed. passed out. So basically I took a NAP at 8am.

And woke up at 11. And I am now angry at that bachelor. Because I am all groggy and I can tell this tuesday is going down the drain. It's days like these where I can't get ANYthing done and will end up painstakingly making a 2 minute video of my dogs doing something and then I'll post it.

Frenchie moved out :( I miss his little "goot morning kreeesteen" He went back to France...it's unclear as to why. He came out here to be an ACTOR, guess his apple pie dreams were crushed. Tres Tres sad.

BUT I got a new one. And surprise! He's an actor too. But not JUST an actor, an actor/producer! SO of course I IMDB'd him to see if he really is an actor, because they never are. And SHOCKER! He is! And CUTE. SO SO CUTE.

It helps cushion the loss of french guy. French guy who?

I gotta go back to my busy busy day now. *sigh* it's a hard life being a producer of dog videos!


Kristina P. said...

Wow, he IS hot!!!

And as soon as I saw Molly's hair last night, I totally thought of the Bumpit!! Plus, she's a whore.

Meg said...

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod...you've got to be kidding me!

He was in one of my favorite episodes of NCIS. Can you ask him if he can get Tim McGee's phone number for me? (Not Sean Murray, Tim McGee, okay?)

I ask you this...how do you sit there with a straight face and interview him? I would totally lose my cool and giggle and blush and he'd say no because who wants a roomie who acts like she's in the 6th grade?

Kathy B! said...

Not too shabby!!! He's definitely easy on the eyes : )

And that stupid Bachelor?! Grrr. What a moron. And what a moron Molly is for just checking her brain at the door and jumping at him. Blech.

Counselormama said...

Ugh, I couldn't even watch without wanting to barf! can't wait to see how he is as a roommate... You'll have to fill us in as you notice his quirks and habits!

dede said...

guess it was a good thing I missed this season of bachelor (didn't really like Jason - was that his name??). Instead of watching my nightly episode of the Office, I will watch House and look for the new roomy!!

seriously? said...

"This is the most dramatic rose ceremony in bachelor history"...BARF!! I used to heart Jason...now I don't like him AT ALL!!! Whatever.

BA WOW on the new roomie...keep us all posted!!!

Debbie said...

Makes me glad I don't watch it! I am not nice if I don't get my sleep:)

forever folding laundry said...

Umm...hello cute roommate!

The Bachelor was a total travesty. Melissa has no idea what a favor Jason did her. Jason & Molly deserve each other. And not in a good way.


rychelle said...

HELLO new roommate!

peewee said...

yah...wonder how fast it will be until all of you suddenly want to come "visit" LA.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Sure, he's cute, but does he have an accent?!

Granny~Van said...

Awww, he's fully cute! Hey, he was on House too! I will be visiting in April...can I share the guest room, HA!