Thursday, March 26, 2009

ladies who lunch...

I just went to SUCH a fun lunch. It was with guys. But since I was there, I like to just refer to us all as ladies. (even though I am probably the LEAST ladylike)(I can dress the part...but it's all smoke and mirrors)

Anyway it was an AMAZING lunch on many levels...Friends you REALLY like (not just the ones you pretend to) great food, ordering dessert at lunch, that kind of thing.

BUT the piece de resistance (There's an accent over that first e, which makes that phrase totally french) was outside waiting for the valet and this woman comes out and is randomly talking to us because we were pretending her baby was cute and she looks down and goes "OH MY GOD. THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!" and I look down at my perfect shoes and realize that's what she's talking about and I got so excited that my 'entire-paycheck-shoes' didn't go unnoticed that I said "I KNOW! AREN'T THEY?!?!?"
.......and then I said "THANKS!!"

Now, I WAS NOT being conceited! I did not MAKE the shoes, and if I HAD I woulda FIRST said, with fake humility "OH. WHY...THANK YOU! They're not MUCH really, I just whipped 'em up one day! but thank you :)" (the smiley face was implied)

It's like when people tell me, as they do ALL THE TIME, that my dogs are so beautiful. (I swear they totally do. Because THEY ARE!) And when they say that, my first reaction is always "I KNOW! Aren't they??" Because I am in awe of their perfect looks too, because I had NOTHING to do with it.

Now if someone said "YOUR DOGS ARE SO WELL BEHAVED!!!" (this is all hypothetical, as that has never been said) but follow me here, IF someone said that, I would say "THANK YOU!"

Right? I don't MEAN to sound obnoxious. But seriously? Those shoes are DAMN CUTE! and then my guy friend FINALLY acknowledged them too and was all "those ARE really great!"

I mean, honestly is there ANYTHING more satisfying than people fawning over your shoes???

(That wasn't a rhetorical question)

SO I am SOOOO giddy happy now! Screw the gray hair! I got Manolos!


Counselormama said...

Wow, that is EXACTLY how I would react, and EXACTLY what I would say! Eerie...I agree, you didn't make the shoe, and duh! You wouldn't have bought them if you didnt love them, right?

Kristina P. said...

I am ALLLLLL about cute shoes. It always makes me happy when someone comments about them.

No picture of these hot shoes!!

rychelle said...

ummmmmmmmmm. pictures, please.

peewee said...

K, I'll do a pic later. i thought about it then didn't want to move from the couch. THE BEST part about those shoes? They weren't even uncomfortable! I could walk from the valet to the table, and back!!

Jillybean said...

Shoes that are both cute and comfortable?


Cute comfortable shoes sounds like an oxymoron.

I love fun lunches. Blogger lunches are the best!

Here's a question, when people tell me how adorable my kids are, is it obnoxious to agree with them? (Because they are really cute) If I agree with someone when they say that, they sometimes look shocked.
I do follow up with a "thank you".

The strangest comment we've had to deal with is when people go up to my daughter and say "Wow! Your hair is really long!" (it's long enough for her to sit on)
What should she say?
If they said it was pretty, then "Thank you" would be appropriate.
We agreed on the comeback "You should have seen it before it got cut".

I might have to write a post about this.

Karen said...

I bet she never even noticed your gray hair.

Anonymous said...

counselormama is so right! you said the right response, I always agree when i get a compliment, it's not that you are conceited it's just that you are agreeing with them:)

peewee said...


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Cute shoes just make everything better. I need some new shoes....

Anonymous said...

I need new shoes.


And maybe a lunch out with the "ladies".

Kathy B! said...

*Bowing down at your feet*

Manolos have never been thrust upon my (highly deserving feet). And likely never will. Could we be roomies and maybe I could just, you know, borrow them every once in awhile?! I'd let you have full run over the tv and I would not TALK :)

Debbie said...

I don't have any nice shoes so I wouldn't know! Why no photo?