Friday, May 23, 2008

Como se dice "I'm moving to Mexico"

I am sitting here in Mexico City, well in the airport anyway. But you know, the airport counts, now I will, in polite conversations with well travelled people's say "ooohhh yah! I LOVE Mexico City!!"

Here's Why I Love Mexico city airport. When we were waiting for our luggage, there were, HELPERS! Actual live people who were there to HELP us. Sure, they didn't speak english, but whatev's. THEN I went to get a cart, and it was a whole DOLLAR, and not only THAT but there was a guy there taking the dollar and putting it in the machine and getting your cart FOR YOU.

And at this one restaurant they BRING TO YOUR TABLE a little mini coat rack for your purses and jackets. TO YOUR TABLE. AND they also bring the credit card machine TO YOUR TABLE and do it all right there. WHY are WE not modernized like this? And we call THEM lazy mexicans! pfft! Dumbass americans. I mean, it's not rocket science to make things convenient, you know?

Also? Starbucks is sooo cute here, and they say stuff like "blahblahblahblahblahmexicantalkmexicantalk" and I just hand over my credit card and nod and smile. I cheated my way through 8th grade spanish. oops.



Connie said...

Love the new background! I love airports - Love to watch people and workers. What are you there for?

dede said...

your so funny! at least you took spanish - i took french - no wonder my gardener doesn't know to come back - where is your final destination? oh and thanks for moving night rider down a slot!