Monday, May 05, 2008

I am 448 months old!!!

I decided to take a last minute trip to NYC and you know, I thought since I was already sick, that HEY! I'll get on a plane and it'll ALL FLY AWAY.


Aside from the fact that I probably infected the entire row 7, A through C, I also decided that WITH a bad cough, I would teach a yoga workshop here. Because TALKING for 2 hours in a row is a GREAT idea when you have asthmatic bronchial death flu.

BUT the upside? is that because I was taking SO much advil & mucinex (seriously a GREAT product, albeit a bit spendy) and Advair (a steroid inhaler for asthmatics and/or 90 yr old chronic smokers) that when I went to get my na na waxed, it didn't even hurt! woooohoooo!

Also, what I love about New York, and it never disappoints, is the way people are with their dogs or kids. Like for instance, at the bagel store this morning, this dad had a screaming child that he was trying to drag out, and someone was all "ohhhhh, what a old are YOU?" and the dad says "twenty five months!"

Okay, for starters, after 23 months, YOU CAN'T SAY YOUR CHILD'S AGE IN MONTHS. It's just really annoying, because you are FORCING people to do math. When a child turns TWO, it is TWO....and until the child is 2 and a HALF can you say ANYTHING else about their two-ness. After TWO, you may only state full years or half years for your child. Now, once the kid is 5 and can speak for itself, THE KID can then answer cute stuff like "I'm five and three quarters" but NOT THE PARENT.

Also, 25 months? really? When does the little precious turn 26 months? does a stranger REALLY care how many MONTHS your kid is? It's like if you have a baby, or a puppy, you can be all "he's 12 weeks old" and after that, there are no more "weeks." You have passed the acceptable time for weeks, so there is no "he's 13 weeks old." Because all of this presumes that WE CARE.

I dunno, it just seemed, ummmm, what's the word....OBNOXIOUS.

And that's the news for today folks!

PS. My precious Mick is 9 months old today!


carin davis said...

I will NOT be calculating my age in sounds so much older and 37 is old ENOUGH!!!


dede said...

now i get your comment on my post - ha ha! I usually down play the month thing - last week someone asked me how old chase was - i said 1 - it makes them look so smart that way!! hope you are feeling better!