Thursday, May 15, 2008

World's Most Boring Movie Ever.

This is what passes for entertainment in my house.

You think this is bad? wait 'till you see what passes for 'politics' around here.

Maybe we'll see you at Sundance '09?

ps. Maggie is PISSED that she didn't get the starring, or even CO-starring role. (NOBODY PUTS MAGGIE IN THE CORNER! NOBODY!) She won't say it in public, but she was an extra. Just an extra.

pps. Wonder what I do all day between my clients in the morning, and my one class at night? Aside from Tivo-ing People's Court? Take this movie, times about a thousand. That's what I do.

ppps. I will NEVER tell how long this "movie" took me to make. Never.


dede said...

your song was perfect and that zoom in at the end - priceless! it was worth every minute to make (up to 30!)

carin davis said...

that is NOT Mick! what have you been feeding him!? he was Sophie's size last time I saw him!!!!