Tuesday, May 20, 2008

After I write this, i'm gonna go train for that triathalon...

I just googled myself because I am bored and I was wondering what would come up. The GREAT thing is that the yoga stuff comes up, but also there is another person out in the world who is like my alternate universe person. She is a lawyer and a water polo and Triathalon champion! YAY ME! No one will even KNOW that it's not me. They'll be all "whoa! My yoga instructor is AMAZING!" I wonder if the other KK watches people's court too!?!? I MUST become her penpal!

Oh also, what randomly comes up is that I won first place is the Los Amigos Horse Show, and i just wanted you all to know that THAT one is ME. For real. I did win a first place blue ribbon. TWICE. Sure, I was the only entry, and the judges snickered when they gave it to me, cuz I didn't get ONE thing right. I think I've actually blogged about this before. Well, at least my early dementia will be accurately documented for the 'professionals' for their 'case study'

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dede said...

I gave myself a google and i am a BOOK REVIEWER and a WARDROBE CONSULTANT from Alabama and the AUTHOR of martini with a twist - not to mention "dede" from Joe vs the valcano played by meg "ryan"