Monday, May 26, 2008

Just another ordinary monday...

on the beach.

I'm now in Maya Tulum. This is supposedly "work" I wish all work weeks were like this.

There's another yoga retreat group here. I My group makes fun of them endlessly. They're doing a Juice fast for a whole day and my group decided that was the day they'd have pizza delivered. I create SUCH a peaceful environment. Seriously that WAS my their idea. Good thing I don't teach kindergarten, eh?

By the way, kate Bosworth is here too. And she's NOT here with Orlando!! Makes me remember I need to invest in a telephoto lens so I can sell pics to In Touch and US weekly. I would be RICH! Stars think they can go to some remote location and be around non-confrontational yogis, instead of stalkers...guess again kate, guess again.


dede said...

looks beautiful - making me not apprectiate the 48 degree rainy day we have had! I keep on hoping Bill will have an engineering retreat at a place like that - but no, we are going to atlanta (close?)

Anonymous said...

omg. is kate b on your retreat??? i hope that nasty seaweed washed away. keep updating!