Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a few things to make fun of....Because that's the depth of my character

I'm sorry, but If I saw anyone walking down the street in this...I would have to actually point and laugh. WHO would wear this? You also have to wear a harness with it so it'll attach...comfy. practical. I totally want to carry a harness and this bad boy around town, IN CASE IT RAINS.

Also? who would bike around in the rain and keep their HEAD dry while their, umm, SUIT gets soaked? Oh, just these pics make me giggle. I just HOPE that I get to see one in person someday.

The real horror? She probably picked this out because it was her BEST outfit. Like the NYC garden patio though.


carin davis said...

where did you find that!?
i would love to see the full body version!

dede said...

to answer your question - my kids would wear that - and anything else that would be easy to make fun of - thank goodness they have me!

dede said...

just noticed that you have one more post this year already than all of last year - way to go - keep them coming!!