Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yoga burnout...

Wow...this is the THIRD one in a row having to do with yoga. Sure, that's all I do because I have no life, dogs and yoga, yoga and dogs. oh, and TV. loooootttttsssss of TV.

HOWEVER it can't go unwritten that last night, for about the fifth time in my "career" some assclown came in wearing his 'jack trippers' (shorty shorts) WITH NO LINING! That would mean, that when I walked behind him while he was in down-dog, with one leg up in the air, I got a FULL Playgirl shot, and I was NOT expecting it. I almost screamed and ran away. There is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING nastier than a sweaty upside down view of a dude's cobblers hangin out. NOTHING! I stayed on the other side of the room the rest of the time. I swear, I am scarred for life when this stuff happens. It's like that image gets seared into my brain and will pop up while I'm innocently driving, or or, trying to meditate...good thing I never do that...or just whenever! THIS? is why I don't watch horror movies. I just wanted to be all "put that thing away old man!"

AT the beginning of class too, one of my regulars who always acts like he's one of the 'group' and always sits in the front row, with the "cool kids," if you will, only he isn't. he's weird. creeps me out just a little and I can't explain why. So I sit down waiting for class to begin, and he says "I can TELL you're feeling better" and I go "uh, yep, I do feel better. My cough is finally mellowing out" and he was all "no, I mean I can tell you're FEELING better. Like, you're BACK. Energetically. I can TELL. Your energy is BACK!" and then I was all "no. I just had coffee. My ENERGY is still crusty"

WTF? You don't KNOW ME! And don't act like you're all Madame Mystery and you can READ my energy. Cuz if you COULD you'd know how much you creep me out!!

Seriously, I may need to switch careers. I love teaching yoga but I am getting SO SICK of people. People and their wallywackers hangin' out and their 'energy' and their 'patchouli'

I was so annoyed that I went home, and the next thing I know I've taken down a cookie the size of my head.

Stupid yoga people. It's a good thing Drew Barrymore sometimes comes to class, (and yes, i will mention her name continuously, until you want to puke) She is my mantra for when I want to punch these people in their energetic faces.

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dede said...

keep the yoga stories coming - you are killing me!!!