Tuesday, May 13, 2008

yoga stripper

I have a client who lives in a fancy schmancy high rise condo building in Westwood. He's like in his late 60's at best, and he is super nice and French. And his wife is British and The cutest thing in the whole world. I need to get pics of them but I don't know how to do that just yet. After a super challenging yoga session, she pops up, takes a deep breath and says "oh...THAT was just LOVELY! I feel SPLENDID!"

Anyway, Their building has a front desk person that you have to check in with each time. Well, there's this new guy. He's a SLICK Brotha. You can tell he wants to be an actor. He wears his slick pinstripe Men's Warehouse suit, red tie, and shiny black shoes EVERY SINGLE DAY. Same coat, same tie, same slicked back hair. He's extra chatty, which you all know i JUST LOVE. Waiting for his big break when a PRODUCER walks into the building. He acts like this condo building is the Ritz Carlton. And now, after seeing him for 3 or 4 times, He is acting EXTRA friendly. Sure, it could be my big badonka donk trunk, which the brothas love. But what I suspect is that he is noticing that I am there for one hour every morning, and he thinks I am some sort of low rent stripper or whore. Because this morning as he walked me to the elevator he said "It's a FINE FINE day, have fun with the mister!" wink wink. I didn't get it at first. Then as I walked out, he says "All done? Have a FINE FINE DAY!" and gave me a look that said "I get it. we in this togetha sista"

Oh brother. the THINGS I have to deal with. I hope this guy finds a new job soon.

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dede said...

forget the picture of the cute couple - i want to see the front desk guy!!