Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning coffee in ny...heaven

AWWWW. Lucas. Isn't he cute? And so sweet. in a stoner kind-of-way. Again, not date-able, but just wanna roll him up and put him in my pocket. We had dinner last night and now we are jacks favorite! He is thoroughly annoyed that I took his picture and am blogging from my phone. Now he's calling me a typical LA A-hole. Clearly our honeymoon phase is OVAH! He's trying to get me to go to his little rock gig tonite and I'm like uhhhh...I already have dinner plans :( sad facey. He doesn't read this blog. He doesn't DO blogs and iPhones and stuff. He still has a flip phone. Sigh. We were torn worlds apart before we even began.

Bored yet? I better get off this. He still needs a little attention for next time.

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Kristina P. said...

He is very hot. But if he doesn't do blogs, it's not meant to be. Clearly.

I have a new post today!