Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I left early for pasadena today because I had something VERY IMPORTANT to get at target. And then on the way driving there I also remembered I wanted to buy some headbands. Now that my hair is short... too short actually because now I can't put it in a pony tail without the sides falling all down and me looking like a house frau with a drinking problem and 4 cats.

SO, got to target, and got my basket and went trolling around, mesmerized as always by pretty bags of candy, halloween candy! nonetheless, and clearance items like old beef jerky and expired spaghetti sauces. And I mean, they get you right as you walk in with the dollar bins filled with hello kitty pens and all kinds of cute sparkly crap that people of generation X, latch key divorced children of alcoholics, were deprived of as kids. They have our age group PEGGED.

Now you see where this story is going. I got the headbands, which totally don't work by the way. they even say "33% stronger grip!!" I don't know what they were before they got 33% stronger, but they slid off my hair like buttah. Well, $88 and a few pkgs of new gum, three books, a bag of halloween pumpkin candy corns and a new flavor of toothpaste later, I left withOUT the one really important thing I left early for in the first place. what was it? we may never know. Well, I will never know until I go to GET the thing I need from my cupboard and when it's not there I'll be all "THAT's WHAT I NEED AT TARGET!! I BETTER GET IT TODAY"

sigh. And then the cycle starts all over again.

I think that, of ALL the companies worried about the financial crisis, Target is so totally not one of them.


dede said...

ya - that target dollar spot - it makes shopping at an All A Dollar cool - they do have us pegged!
You can just move back to Utah and all of your neighbors will have a year supply of anything you might need (thus saving you another $88 trip)except for the moose bars - i don't share those, I hide them! Well, I am off to check Hello Kitty!
btw - what books??

peewee said...

Chasing Harry Winston (can't wait) , Breaking Dawn (even though I haven't read the other two yet) and "fall of grace" that just looked good.

carin davis said...

everyone has their addictions...mine- spending $ at Target. (especially girls clothes, Real Simple office products, and home decor! At least my addiction isn't at Sacks- although I would be better dressed!

Kristina P. said...

OK, your blog is hilarious! Don't you sell yourself short!

I especially love the picture of the Hoff on the side. The Hoff makes everything better.

And can you believe that one of my readers didn't know who Ricky Schroeder was? I weep for our future.

You are on my Reader, and I will be back!!!