Monday, October 27, 2008

there MIGHT be someone out there better than me...but most likely not...

K, first of all, i don't usually link to OTHER people's blogs. Mostly because I rip them all off and then you'd know where all my material comes from and what a hack I am. I'd be exposed for the Milli Vanilli that I am. (in case you don't get that reference..I'M the hot twin black lip sync'ers)

ALSO because I don't want to lose my VAST readership and I'm like Blair in Gossip Girl (in EVERY, hot...) and I need to be the queen and keep my bees close. I can't have people straying, because UNlike Jesus I will not go searching for and then cuddle my lost little lambs...I will write about them and make fun of their clothing.

***newsbreak.***showing totino's pizza roll commercials at 8 am during fox news should be banned. Seriously It's wrong.

But I can't any longer hide this blog all to myself. She actually makes me LAUGH out loud. Not like LOL, where people are all LOL but they're really NOT LOLing they're just saying "yah, that's mildly funny and/or I'm writing LOL because what you said is NOT funny, but I don't know what else to write" If you've EVER lived in Utah it will be even MORE funny...but it's funny either way. I don't know that she'll appreciate this shout out, per se, because it's like Britney endorsing a political candidate...which is why I never discuss politics here.

You know, It's like, I like to live by sayings on Hallmark decorative wall placques..."If you love something set it free, if it doesn't come back it was never meant to be" But I know my reader(s) will come back because they HAVE to. They're all friends and family, who, when I talk to them and they're all "what have you been up to?" and then I say "well, remember on what I said on MY BLOG?" And then I quiz them until they cry and try to tell me their computer's been "down." And then they never make that mistake again. NEVER.

Whatever. I'm perfectly secure in that fact that, no matter what...I will ALWAYS...ALWAYS have the cutest dogs.

AND the ability to insert famous people's names here and there. FAMOUS people that I KNOW and can introduce to my readers who are LOYAL.

And just to keep me on your "reader" list I will tell you that I AM ABOUT TO be related to someone SUPER famous. And you have to watch her new show. She is going to be my sister-in-law-in-law (we'll just call her my twin sister, for short) I am going to be the next Casey Affleck/Ally Lohan/Haylie duff.

So, see you next BLOG!

PS...MY B-DAY is a mere 21 days away. So, you can still get free super saver shipping on amazon if you act in the next week or so. Just saying. You know, I mean, your comments are all the present I need! (ha! now THAT! is LOL)


Kristina P. said...

I'm really LOLing at this!!!!! I appreciate the Britney Spears reference.

You are too funny. And nice, and awesome, and all that other crap.

OK, so are you related to Dede and Carin? I have a lot of readers from the same family. It's all very incestuous.

Anyway, thanks for the shout out.

I thought about doing a "Blog of the Day" on my sidebar, but I've seen other people do it, and some people get hurt, so I've decided against it.

Just to let you know, you would be like Day 2. Maybe even Day 1, if you paid me enough.

peewee said...

no, dede and carin and I are not related, but we all shared a one bedroom apt in salt lake in the college years, and THAT makes us family enough as far as I'm concerned. We learned a LOT from each other, really. I taught them how to lie and steal and they taught me how to make lots of stuff with marshmallows and cool whip. It's a win win all around.

Annie Miller said...

All I know is I got screwed. I'm not half as clever as either of you. But even though I'd like to claw your eyes out in jealousy, my life would not be the same without my morning chuckles. So I say to you both, "I'm not worthy!"

dede said...

I just about sent you that bike, but then I thought what a pain it would be loading in your car so you could park it in front of your work, so I decided to save you the hassle!

I feel I deserve a little more credit...
1. I am the one who told you about kristina's blog
2. I am sure I taught you more than jello related items (like ranch in your pasta - or did you show me that?) how about how to donate more plasma than possible and still live (wait, that was you too!) well, I let you borrow my trusty car for a month or so (just so I could feel cool driving your untrusty jeep)!

and, I love your blog and would keep coming even if you told me not to!!!

peewee said... DO have more credit...a PERMANENT space on my "TO GO TO" blog section. And, it WAS you who taught me that I could go to TWO different plasma places in one week if I scheduled it just right. It was YOU who got me addicted to Krispie treats and Hires BIG H burgers and fry sauce. It was YOU who convinced me to get the baby bunny who pooped all over the house. I wouldn't know who jon secada is because of YOU. And it was YOU who introduced me to the world of Virgil and Discovery hall....Verily, I basically owe my life to you, nay, my entire blog space to you. Without you, my blog would be a void of plain green background and black letters. I would NEVER have the readers (your entire family) that I do now!
wipe tear,
you are the wind beneath my wings

peewee said...

oh, and also're right about the bike...It would be hard driving it all around in my trunk, taking it out, putting it in...but isn't that what bikes are for? exercise?

carin davis said...

Was that Dede that talked you into that bunny!?!?

Both of your blogs are hilarious!!! I wouldn't have survived my transition in UT if not for my roommates! Thanks for tolerating the return missionary stick in the mud! :)


dede said...

thanks for the credit - I'm blushing - BUT I am NOT the one that talked you into that stupid smelly bunny or the nasty hamsters with blood all over their mouths (from eating each other) - that was all in your wisdom, my friend.

dede said...

what rat? did lily eat it??