Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yoga People in NY are JUST as annoying as yoga people in LA

I was walking to my super hard yoga today (I pre-paid for the week...otherwise NO WAY would I have gone...I'm still sore from yesterday) (plus also there's this french croissant place that is tiny and a fat pink cheeked french guy named Claude is the only baker and all he makes are the most amazing croissants EVER and at 7:am they are still steamy melt in your mouth hot)

Anyway, I was waiting at the curb for the light to change and there was this girl in front of me, with her yoga mat strapped on her back (capital L.A.M.E.) and she is jumping up and down. Just waiting for the light, JUMPING up and down. Dude, lay off the adderall. It took all my peaceful yoga energy NOT to pick up my foot and knock her into the street.

You may be thinking, WHY? do you even DO yoga if you're a hater? BECAUSE this studio in New York has LOTS of famous people who go there and I have been NEXT to Gwyneth and what's his face from Batman...one of the evil guys...oh yah. willem da foe (i think that's how it's spelled) (maybe he's on the B list these days) (but he smiled at me once, so you know, I now KNOW him) and Madonna. Okay, I never SAW her there, but everyone says she goes there, so I go there JUST in case.

Plus it does kick my butt and there's SOMETHING about it that calms me down. Otherwise I would be even meaner and set flowers on fire and pinch babies and accidentally on purpose trip little kids who run down the aisles in grocery stores. (ummm, I might occasionally still do that one) (HAHA..J/K. LOL....sorta)

I mean, a lifetime of my mother forcing me into Vacation Bible school (vacation?! HA!) and bell choir and catholic school didn't take. SO, you know, prescription drugs, coffee and yoga make me manageable for society....hey! whatever works!

Going off to coffee now. Had the drugs and the yoga already. HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

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Kristina P. said...

I can't even do yoga in my normal life, and it definitely wouldn't be on my vacation life.

Too bad it wasn't Christian Bale from Batman. Yum!