Monday, October 20, 2008

These people also hand out raisins at halloween. organic free trade cruelty free raisins.

These were taken yesterday of an actual CHILD's birthday party at the little greenwich village playground for super fancy rich hippie kids and their nannies.

Here's the evidence that what I speak is the truth, because if I had just TOLD you about it, even though i am VERY trustworthy and not at ALL prone to exaggeration, you would NOT have believed me.

I need you to look carefully here. And notice the "party food" at this CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.
Items like, ummm, ORGANIC PLAIN RICE CAKES. It was the only evidence of "cake" on the table. sad. I see a therapy bill in this child's future. (actually, little harrison is probably already seeing someone)

And the multi grain organic crackers. THOSE are for the adults. The kids get the ORGANIC apple sauce cups. AND/OR and organic apples.

To wash it all down, there is a big gallon of REGULAR water, OR if you want to veer from the natural still water they have PLENTY of canada dry seltzer water. plain. It's not organic though, so that's probably for the hired help.


Kristina P. said...

I'm suddenly angry inside.

Laura said...

Were there lots of adopted Chinese kids there too ? Adopting kids from your own country is just so inorganic
anymore...and WHAT??? Couldn't trader
daddy have splurged on a tofu/ gluten free cake for the tikes? Don't get me started...

Renee said...

Ok, I've been stalking your blog for quite some time now. I'm a friend of Dede & Carin's. I actually met you years ago when you & Dede were roommates. I use to live 3 doors down from them in CA...& now I live like 5 minutes from Dede. Anyway...

Your blog is hilarious & I look forward to your new posts! :) BTW, poor blah!

dede said...

now your exaggerating - when I zoomed in on the picture, I saw the organic 100% juice boxes - they didn't have to drink water!

Those kids (and parents) could come over to my house any day, open my pantry, and go into shock!