Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NY shopping...

When I was in NY I went to one of those super cute stores filled with all the kinds of things you NEVER need but could drop about $1000 in 10 mins. The kind of place that you really only go to with girlfriends and all you keep saying to each other is "oh my god...read this!" or "I HAVE to get these $50 coasters because they're CHARLIE'S ANGELS!!!"

I try my best to NOT pick up the cocktail napkins in shapes of candy bars and the Simpson's Monopoly game. But I can never resist the magnets...because..HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!?!?!

I am totally using these little cute chinese magnets to hold the chinese delivery menus on the way cute magnetic chalkboard I bought three years ago for JUST THIS THING. It will be great to get all the menus out from between the sofa cushions where they usually are so they don't get lost. It's THE WORST when you want delivery and can't find the damn menu! Won't be problem anymore!

Now, these next two I figure, I'll put RIGHT on the front doors of my fridge and then when I have a date I'll send him to the kitchen to "get a drink" and when he sees these I am SURE to get a second date!!

And this is just one of about 15 cards I had to buy but it was my favorite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying funny birthday cards like this, especially since I think they're SO funny that I never actually send them because when I NEED a birthday card, I'm like "hmmmm, I don't want to send HER that card, it's too funny...I might need it for another friend."

I can't post ALL the other stuff I bought whilst shopping in NY because Blogger doesn't hold that much memory space, and also I don't want people thinking that they can't get me a gift because "she already has everything." (especially so close to my birthday) (NOVEMBER 17) Because know what? I SO DON'T HAVE EVERYTHING!!

PS. MY "twin sister" will be on THE VIEW TODAY!! WATCH!


carin davis said...

NOW I know why I have never received a b-day card from you...whatever! :}

Kristina P. said...

Where's my card and gift?

dede said...

I love your little cute chinese magnet board idea - you could market them and then buy some of your own birthday presents (and since I gave you the idea, you can tag one of those presents from ME!!)