Thursday, October 09, 2008

Those Crafty Brits

OHMYGOD! I so totally am ordering THESE Mostly for the wording on their homepage..."bonding with your couch...favorite pastime is lazinesss" I think I'm related to these people.

PLUS they're from the UK. Anything from the UK is cool. Cuz then when people are all "hey! where'd you get those shoes?" and they say it with a snide little smile, like they're making a compliment, but really they think they're SO ugly and they're being funny. BUT THEN you're like "I got them in THE UK. And voila! They've just been SHUT DOWN.

For all I know, these shoes are sold at the UK version of All-A-Dollar. (except, it'd be ALL-A-Pound) (or something) (actually they would want it to rhyme too, so maybe it'd be "Around-A-Pound")( And they're smarter than us, so their title wouldn't bind them to that exact price either)

Hey, I wonder if the economy will make the all-a-dollar inventory go down? Like, they'll just have single pack smarties and old Smurfette pocket mirrors. Or will it go UP because all the stores will go broke and maybe you could score a Gap tee at the all-a-dollar! We'll just have to keep checking.


Kristina P. said...

Have you seen those crazy boots Victoria Beckham as been wearing? They DON'T HAVE HEELS!!!!!

Not everything British is better. And doesn't Walmart sell these? The little gangbangers I work with love to wear little slippers all over the place. Super manly.

dede said...

Not only are famous people now commenting on your blog (and agreeing with me that you are hilarious) but she even beat me to it! Kinda cool, unlike those shoes!