Monday, November 03, 2008

Barrack the vote! VOTE AmeriCAIN! JUST VOTE!!

Seriously, There are SO many reasons to vote. VOTE VOTE VOTE!! But in a departure from my regular blogging, I just wanted my Patriotic Self to come through, to tell you the MOST.IMPORTANT.REASONS.TO.VOTE.

Pay attention.

1. Starbucks is giving FREE COFEE to anyone who votes!! oh, also IT's A PRIVILEGE to vote, not a RIGHT. (but FREE COFFEEEEE)

I will be at the booth BRIGHT & EARLY!!

2. KRISPY KREME is giving FREE DONUTS if you vote! oh, and our ancestors DIED for this privilege! (thanks grandpappy! I get free fried food b/c of you!)

I can't WAIT to eat VOTE!

3. BEN & JERRY's is giving FREE ICE CREAM!! And also only 54% of people vote...more people vote for American Idol! (welll, to be fair, they're WAY hotter)


4.You have to live in NY to get this voting prize, but it MIGHT BE WORTH THE TRIP. and also, well, there is no also. FREE SEX TOY says it all.

I bet NY gets LOTS of voters. I hope they do a count...Are Americans motivated by sex or donuts? hmmmm...I bet it's a close call. FOR me? NO QUESTION!

Wow. It's AWESOME to be an American. NOW GO VOTE!


Kristina P. said...

I wonder if there's any proposition about fat Americans. Probably not.

carin davis said...

I had no idea what I have missed out in past voting days by not paying attention!!!

dede said...

I wonder if they will give me three donuts if I have to bring my kids with me to vote? (not that I would share them with my kids, but I still wonder!)

peewee said...

I think, dede, that you could just go to ALL the krispy kremes in SLC and get one at each. Or just be all, "my husband's in the car...i forgot his 'I voted' sticker" I thought of this allll day :)