Tuesday, November 04, 2008


YAY! I voted! And here's the cheesy part, I got tears in my eyes as I left!! Like I felt all patriotic and stuff. I'm pretty sure I got all emotional because of THIS POST. And I was like all nervous when I was voting, I even signed my name all weird. huh, who woulda thought I had a caring bone in my body?

Okay, now that's outta the way here's why I probably really felt nervous. My polling place was in a FIRE HOUSE!!!! How lucky am I? I mean for REAL! Could there even BE a better place to vote?? with all those hot firemen hanging out just FEET away? UH! If I had know this is what is possible in this country I woulda voted EVERY election!!

Wow, when I lived in Utah it was at some women's club or something. All old ladies hangin' around. And last election, in New York it was, no joke, at the gay and lesbian community center. Talk about the opposite experience! I had to shove through hard core lesbians to vote last time. So I was in n out in a RUSH. I don't even think I voted on props last year.

But THIS year, I not only voted on most every single prop, but I pondered my options.

Thank GAWD I wore my cute black pants! Now, if those firemen hadn't worn shirts? There would be WAYYYYY more voters next time around. WAYYYY MORE. You know...they never even checked my ID. hmmm....I should go back. In a tube top! HA HA! J/k. for sure!

I'm wearing my sticker on my pant leg. How hip is that?! Off to class, where i'm gonna act better than everyone because I voted!

PS. You know what I do love about election day? Seeing the big map with all the colored states and realizing that I never even knew where Kentucky was!


Kristina P. said...

You are too funny.

Jillybean said...

I didn't even think about putting my sticker on my leg. But then again I'm kind of a fashion misfit.

I voted at 7:05 this morning right after the polls opened. I think your vote counts more if you're there earlier.

Annie Miller said...

Braden (my son) was so excited I got a sticker. Mike gave him his too. He wore them all day. Wish I'd seen the hot firefighters :)

carin davis said...

yep...got the old ladies here. i need to move back to CA!

you have a soft spot for Kate...means a lot to me :) thx.

vanessa said...

I put my sticker (or rather, someone else did) on my sleeve, which I thought was super hip. I didn't even think of the pants. Clever.

Anything I can do to feel smug...

April said...

Funny! I felt the same way yesterday....very strange. I was so excited as I left tho...:) Now, I'm even more excited because I voted for the guy that WON!