Friday, November 21, 2008

Top O' the mornin' to ya!

K, they don't say that either. I think actually that could be irish. again, whatevs.

I'm the only one up. I'm on CPT still. SO, it's sat morning here. weird huh? You guys are prob still going to work and packing school lunches. NOT ME!

We're a day ahead and 3 hrs behind. This is all very fascinating, no? you asleep yet?

I felt like a big idiot going around shopping and acting like people here don't speak english. I would be all talking slow, using my hands..."Hel-lo. Do. you. have. LOTION?" At starbucks I was like 'I'll. have. a. medium? coffee? (blank stare from "barista") okay, a GRAN-DAY? coffee? COF-FEE. (making a cup gesture with my hands) ( a grande cup gesture nonetheless) and she goes "coffee??" and I got all flustered cuz I then though maybe they didn't call it coffee. (WTF?) and then she nods, like I'm a complete idiot and mumbles something in New Zealandish to the other barista. And of couse I had to add "and. do. you. have. like. WIRE-LESS in-ter-net? I think she actually rolled her eyes at me.

That was basically my day. Oh, and they don't call it the grocery store here. it's the super market. DUH. But it's DEFINITELY NOT the grocery store .

Phew...I better go buy a guide book or something.

Oh, bonus? their dollar fell a lot yesterday, so everything is like HALF PRICE!!!! I'll prob have to buy another suitcase for all the chips I'm bring home. Chips that are flavored honey soy chicken and chicken rosemary garlic and lamb mint and bacon sour cream and grilled steak andbacon cheddar crackers

And And everything is flavored with BACON! I am SO moving here. I bought like 7 bags of wierd flavored chips and they were ALL AMAZING! WHY don't we have that??? WHY?????


Rychelle said...

so, bacon is really your crack, not the iPhone?
thanks for the tip by the way, i'm going to the iPhone for dummies class on saturday!

Kristina P. said...

Wait how did we both post about bacon?

But is yours covered in chocolate?

peewee said...

I know, right! I laughed when I read yours this morning! Because BACON is AWESOME!

Granny~Van said...

Geez, I hope you wore your plaid burmudas, black knee high socks and dangled your digital camera around your neck !