Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a little early but....if Target can do it, so can I

I stole this from this funny blog.

Following are 25 Christmas facts Of a single Bi-polar, Bitter, Black Hearted & Very Charming Pill Popper!

Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both. AMAZING FANCY EXTRAVAGANT bought for a dollar at Pottery Barn in March Gift Bags with extensive tissue paper to make look bigger and candy tied to the handle. Looks SUPER expensive so person thinks they better ante up a better gift. Make sure you give earlier than them! Wrapping paper for under the tree stuff. Plain brown, pretty non-christmas ribbon (Michaels, $1) and candy tied at the bow. SOOO inviting. (hint,,,I LIKE THAT TOO)
Real or Artificial tree? REAL!!
When do you put up the tree? When the cleaning lady's husband is here to bring it upstairs.
When do you take the tree down? May-ish and/or same as above
Do you like Eggnog? HAY-ell NO! And if you work at starbux and accidentally give me that instead of a gingerbread latte that I ordered, I WILL spit it out in front of you and glare at you while you do the new one.
Favorite gift received as a child? Hungry Hungry Hippos. Weird huh? Not the 4 story dollhouse my mom had custom made (which later turned into my hamster house) (SOOOO cute when they ran up and down the stairs!) I just LOVED those hippos eating like crazy. I would play it by myself!
Hardest person to buy for? Oh GAWD! My millionaire mother, who if you don't get just the right gift spends the entire year wailing about how her selfish kids never DO anything for her.
Easiest person to buy for? ME!
Do you have a nativity scene? yah, my grandmas from Woolworths. awwww. Baby Jesus is brown from age. We like to call him the Mexican baby Jesus now. awwww.
Mail or email Christmas cards? If you even THINK of sending me an email Christmas Card (unless we're talking starbucks pre-paid) You will get the lavender soaps I was given 3 years ago as a re-gift.
Worst Christmas gift you ever received? My Brother (CRAIG) gave me ONE set of dishtowels that were leftover from his wedding gifts AND was all "WE (the entire family)(wife, 2 kids I BOUGHT individual xmas presents for by the way) know how you LOVE to cook and all so we figured you'd love these!" That even beats those Lavendar gift soaps! lavender=NASTY.
Favorite Christmas Movie? Charlie Brown Christmas and the Year without a Santa Clause
When do you start shopping for Christmas? January "everything must GO! sales" and then I'm all like " I've had this under the tree for you FOREVER!"
Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? YES. But only to the hired help. they LOVE that stuff! And recycled unwanted gift=NO cash payout!!!
Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? hmmm, where to start. These homemade chocolate dipped candy canes (you have to order early by phone..they run out fast!)(oh and they also have oreo cookie mint malt balls!!!)
Lights on the tree? YAH! White lights in living room, colored in den!
Favorite Christmas song? Little Drummer Boy
Travel at Christmas or stay home? Home at someone else's home :) (any room at the inn for a lovely girl and her two PERFECT dogs??)
Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? I dunno, maybe after a few drinks
Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel! A teddy bear angel!
Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Whenever they arrive in the mail CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!
Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Yoga people and their "less-is-more-so-i-am-cheaping-out-on-your-present-because-it's-not-about-material-goods-it's-about-spirit-and-energy-so-here's-the-gift-of-organic-rescued-from-the-compost-pinecones-I-made-with-my-loving-heart."
Favorite ornament theme or color? The old snoopy's on glitter ski's that were used for our bedroom tree when I was a kid.
Favorite for Christmas dinner? Dessert. Peppermint stick Ice Cream and hot fudge. Oh, and pie. ALL PIE. (except mince meat! EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!)
What do you want for Christmas this year? Oh, don't worry, it'll be included in every daily december post :) honestly, what I want is for my out of state friends to come visit me, and if you're a UTAH out of state friend, then visit me and arrive with a dozen or so Banbury Cross donuts!!

I'm adding a few...

WORST thing you've been forced to eat at Christmas Shredded carrot and Raisin and mayonnaise salad that my great polish grandma made. ick. At least there weren't lima beans in it. I guess.
WORST present (no matter how shameful) you've given someone mmmm, I give good presents....buuutttt maybe that time I got my hateful 6th grade teacher as my "secret santa" and I gave her a stolen old used bottle of my mom's perfume and some nasty Brach's taffy, stale, the kind with the christmas tree in the middle.
FAVORITE store bought CANDY mmm...peppermint candy cane covered tootsie pops. AND christmas colored rolos.
Worst job you ever had at Christmas timeTHE GAP!
We had to refold EVERY SINGLE THING if someone even breathed on it. had to work CHristmas eve. bah.

I think everyone who reads this blog should have to fill this out! I wanna know your Christmas secrets!


Kristina P. said...

I don't know if we can be friends, eggnog hater.

And I hate the earth and recycling, but I make an exception for crappy presents.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a fun blog! Thanks for sharing :)

Rychelle said...

little have your cleaning lady bring your REAL tree from the basement?

you are so funny! loved learning ALL about you. ;)

are you going to post your address, so we'll know where to ship the gifts?

and blair is going to LOVE you forever for linking to him!!!!

dede said...

too funny!

hey - I am thinking of having a weekend away with Carin, Annie and Annie (just need to fill them all in) in January - we will come see you and bring the BC donuts if you plan our weekend! What do you think??

peewee said...

RYCHELLE-138 N detroit st,
LA, CA 90036
You know, we should start like a funny birthday card club. Everyone post their BDAY and address in the comment section (so not so exposed) and then we'll send the funniest card we can find, and then we'll get tons of cards on our bdays! no? Well, I'LL do it!!!
DEDE-YAH!!!!!!!!! (rainbow sprinkle, choc old fashion, maple bar)
kristina-you come too! and I'll be sure to send you a pine cone paper holder for christmas! cruelty free.

peewee said...

oh, and you have to go upstairs to get to my mansion. I dont grow trees in the basement :)

peewee said...

hey...writing my own comments makes me look WAY popular!

Rychelle said...

you are so great!

hilarious card = ON.IT'S.WAY. (sorry it will be a little late for your b-day) (but, better late than never, right?!?)

rychelle tomlin
1636 royal canyon dr
las vegas, nv 89128